Weekly Photo Challenge: Transitions

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Calvert Homeschool Education

Calvert Education Channel

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Book People Unite

RIF – Book People Unite.

Book People Unite!

Take the pledge!


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Reading Rockets

Reading Comprehension & Language Arts Teaching Strategies for Kids | Reading Rockets.

This is a great method for picking “Just Right” Books with primary students.

“This book is too hard! This book is too easy!”

Making sure a book is at the right reading level for your child can be a challenge. Parents often seek a “just right” book: not too hard, but not too easy. When looking for books for your child to read on his own, try the 5-finger test:

  • Open the book to the middle. Choose a full page of words. Read the page out loud, and hold up a finger each time you come to a word you don’t know.
  • One finger (thumb): Thumbs up! Great book choice, this will be easy reading for you.
  • Two fingers (thumb and index finger): Makes an L, still Looking good! Enjoy.
  • Three fingers (makes a W): Warning! This book may be best when read with someone.
  • Four or more fingers (whole hand): Stop! This book may be too tough to enjoy alone. Ask an adult or older sibling to read this book to you.

Finding the right book may involve a little bit of extra work, but it’s worth it in the end.

via -Reading Rockets (2012)

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Good and Bad Effects of Video Games on Kids

There are hundreds of articles out there about the good and bad effects of video games on kids. Some really disagree with it, especially virtual games which could potentially cause children to become out of touch with reality. But, some also promote it as a mental stimulant and sensory enhancer. There are many aspects to it, but the most important is that is is supervised by adults and that boundaries are set. Some children display wonderful skill in this area and that is something that needs to be praised too. This article describes both perspectives: Good and Bad Effects of Video Games on Kids.

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Wordle- CREATE

Visit www.wordle.net to create your free printable graphic organizer.

Wordle – Create.

Wordle: Short Vowel Blurb

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Attention Deficit Disorder | ADHD Symptoms, Medication, Treatment, Diagnosis, Parenting ADD Children and More

A reputable site about AD/HD. It has many informative articles and links. Click here to check it out!

via Attention Deficit Disorder | ADHD Symptoms, Medication, Treatment, Diagnosis, Parenting ADD Children and More: Information from ADDitude.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Aaaahhhh…. Seeing short a with his consonant buddies I our CVC word list. All that’s left to introduce is “u”. This makes me happy as a bre!


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Haiku Deck

Check our more of our story by clicking on the link!


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Giving a Voice to My Lesson Plans…

I have been struggling with this… How to organize myself in a technology driven world while creating lessons and schedules. I love using paper for my lesson planning, but know that with the changing tides, it is becoming impractical… an even (ewww) *old-fashioned. So this is helpful…

Giving a Voice to My Lesson Plans….

via Giving a Voice to My Lesson Plans….

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