Key Terms

Cocina Francesa

Maitre d' Hotel
Corte Elegante
Al Parmentier
Nicolas Appert
Cordon Blue 
Beef Carton
Louise Franklin
Novelle Cuisine
Alta Cuisine
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Conversion: Metric System

Pinta= 473 ml
1 Pinta= 2 tazas
1 teaspoon= 15 ml
1 gallon= 16 tazas
1 teaspoon= 5 ounces
1 oz.= 2 tablespoons
1 taza= 250 ml

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A true miraculous miracle. Un milagro total. Cannot be a pleasure seeker is this wonder of nature, this ecstasy of pure and utter mental balance come into my life again. I will claim it. It’s a healthy shot a rewiring brain signals and suffering less debilitated.

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Anger- Thich Nhat Hanh describes it as positivy and ignorance. Get angry with your mother, getting angry with yourself. Compassion and forgiveness erase anger; or, change it into something else. Anger has to manifest itself to become real. True understanding transcends anger. Why out why your anger? Try to find a quiet, lonely space for yourself to let it manifest. How is it rooted in tradition? “He did not have the tradition because he always felt under privileged.” THEY need to stop making people feel like they are better or the BEST. They should have divorced, but instead they decided to continue and pretend like they are non-tradionalists; rooted in abundance- and now that has been taken away. Now what is left? NOTHING. Maybe one little piece left- helping each other. Rooted in helping each other and needing closeness. Communication- “He is a deceiver and a liar who did not fulfil what he promised. His ultimate desire- to have freedom. At his core he has nothing either. I thought I was helping him, but I was actually hurting him. I was a deception. The whole thing.

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Conversion de temperatura 

carnes cocidos temperaturas:

  1. blue 52-54C
  2. saignant 56-58C
  3. medio 60C
  4. bien cuit 65-68C

Sistema Metrico 








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History of Gastronomy

*Ancient and Primitive Civilizations

  1. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
  2. Dieta Hebrea
    1. periodo classico
  3. Gastronomia Griega
  4. Periodo Romano
  5. Dark Ages and Renaissance
    1. grande cuisine
  6. La Varennes
  7. Marie Antoine Care-me
  8. Auguste Escoffier
  9. Evoluciona de la cocina en America
  10. Chef Actualidad
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Metric system vs. Imperial System

Material Service- tangible

Personal Service- sentir

Tradition vs. Moda vs. Franchise vs. Salud

Being true to yourself

Confianza Trust



Supply and Demand


un deseo


“The Early Bird Gets the Worm”

“But the mouse gets the cheese”


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I think there is a misunderstanding here. And I would like everyone to be clear on something. There is tradition in Panama. It is the place where two worlds collide. It is rooted in motherhood. There is a school. and kindness. In helping each other. In humanhood, where there is no hate or intolerance or anger. We do no breed hate for what people supposedly did to us. Deprived us of goods and eduction and made us less valuable than we are worth. We forgive them because in thinking this, we were also deceived. We are not angry at our children for rearing these false values and possibly teaching them to the next generation. We are not angry at the people who want their freedom and who came here from next door or down a few, because they too were deceived. Now it is our own fault for not forgiving out past. The only thing we are rooted in, is helping and that is our brotherhood to mankind. and that’s why we are beautiful. It doesn’t necessarily make us accepted as a society, but it makes us trustworthy. Let go and find trust and partnership. That’s our tradition.

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Web Design Portfolio

“loan” word- latin- middle english; german

  • includes important facts on your topics
  • uses appropriate language and writing style for audience
  • uses writing appropriate for a webpage
  • includes at least one picture
  • uses more than one text style
  • uses a colourful background
  • uses different font colours
  • uses anchor tags for each section

Webpage planning

  1. Title
  2. section 1 heading
  3. section 2 headng
  4. section 3 heading
  5. section 4 heading
    1. other headings as needed
    2. background color
    3. text color
    4. sources used

Possible images

Other text to include



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The Miller’s Daughter

Book Review: FrenchWriter. Emile Zola

Idea: Two opposing sides (War). Humanity/Civil and International/Territorial.

Side A: Lied, in the name of love, to the opposition to be saved.-Francois.

Side B: Brutality (out of transience and vitality) against opposition.-Dominique.

Thoughts: Opposition will strike again (for control of territory). War on race (personal).

Beware: Trying to trick or confuse monikers.

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